Natural Ingredients For Cleaning This Christmas!

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With all this credit crunch business, we could all do with saving a few pennies this Christmas. That’s why I have put together a list of natural alternatives to do your festive clean with.

Lemon Juice – Lemons have a low pH level, so are able to kill most of the bacteria in your house.  If you have bottled lemon juice lying around you can use this instead of fresh lemons. Lemon juice is ideal for clean the kitchen, bathroom and polishing copper or brass. You will also be left with that lovely fresh lemony smell around the home.

Baking Soda – This substance is alkaline in nature or has a neutral pH level and its cleaning potential is endless.  It is a deodorizer, air freshener, and water softener. Cleaning with baking soda works well on water based stains and cleaning that requires scrubbing.

Vinegar – White vinegar is slightly acidic and therefore can cut through grease, remove mildew, and clean stains. In the bathroom, vinegar can clean soap scum and hard water strains.  Don’t worry about the unpleasant smell, it goes away when it dries. But don’t use vinegar on marble surfaces.

Borax – This ingredient is most commonly used as an alternative to bleach.

Castile Soap – As well as using in place of shampoo or body soap, castile soap can clean clothing, be used to wash pets or as a general cleaner.

Corn Starch – Corn starch can clean windows, polish furniture, remove grease, shampoo rugs, and works well when used during ironing.

Not only are these products cheaper because you probably have them lying round the house, but they are environmentally friendly too.

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