MP’s Charge Pool Cleaning to Expenses!

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It has been widely publicised that senior Tory MPs have been using their taxpayer-funded expenses to pay for unnecessary maintenance on their country estates.

The MP’s have been putting things like cleaning of swimming pools and gardening on the expenses, which has understandably caused outrage to taxpayers.

Former Agriculture Minister Douglas Hogg even claimed more than £2,000 for clearing his moat, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Chairman of the powerful Tory backbench 1922 Committee, Sir Michael Spicer also spent £5,650 of taxpayers’ money having his garden cleaned and maintained.

A new opinion poll shows both Labour and the Tories have dropped four points since the expenses revelations began.

It is quite obviously disgraceful behaviour for such government figures to use taxpayers money for cleaning of pools and general maintenance of their homes.

But the question is, would anyone do it, given the opportunity??

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