Man vs. Machine Cleaning Challenge!

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Here’s a bit of weird news for you, a former street cleaner in Carlisle has thrown down the gauntlet to his old employers claiming he can ‘out-clean’ any mechanical street sweeper.


46-year-old John Shaw is a formerly ‘well-known’ street sweeper on the Botcherby estate in Carlisle, recognised by the local council as ‘enthusiastic about his work’ and even honoured with an achievement certificate during his time under council employ.

But relations turned sour after council authorities claimed he was collecting too much rubbish, and was going beyond the call of duty by cleaning up dog fouling.

Mr Shaw said: “I was getting 20 to 30 bags full every day and would go home with blisters on my hand.

“They said I was bringing in too much rubbish. They wanted me to cut down.

In protest, brandished a bag of dog mess at astonished councillors and exchanged heated words with the environment portfolio holder Elsie Martlew before he was escorted from thew council chambers

“I brought the dog fouling in to show them that their cleaners haven’t picked it up. It’s all what I collected in Botcherby the previous week.

“I’ve been talking to some of the council lads who said it wasn’t in their contract to pick it up.

“People pay their council tax and they should get a good service. I have apologised. I lost my cool.”

Responding to the outburst, Mrs Martlew replied that the council’s new Labour administration had made street cleaning a top priority and is investing an extra £85,00 for two years and buying new street-cleaning machinery.

Mr Shaw said: “If it doesn’t get done right and she’s wasted all that money, I would like to challenge one of these new machines. I would go against a Scarab [a type of street cleaner]. I would show them – I’ll give her until next year.”

What will happen if the council don’t respond to Mr. Shaw’s duelling challenge is, quite frankly, anybody’s guess.

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