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Long Term Cleaning Contracts?

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The typical cleaning contract usually runs for a term of three years. Many commercial cleaning contractors have argued this is simply not long enough for their investment to make the type of impact that they anticipated. There are however some long term contracts being awarded to some commercial cleaning contractors enhancing the client/contractor relationship.
So why are more longer-term contracts not being awarded? The positives are there to be seen.

The most rewarding benefit of a long term contract is trust between contractor and client.

Over a period of time the contractor understands the strategic goals of it’s clients and guides them in the right direction.

These long-term relationships are far more rewarding for the contractor in many ways.

They are more commercially successful.

Working over a longer term gives the opportunity to solve real business problems and make key innovations.

Seeking opportunities for innovation in strategies and processes is a long-term process.

The long term contract less one-dimensional in terms of simply meeting a specification.

More long-term contracts could enable providers to restructure their organisation.

Less focus on contract renewal and retaining clients, and more on innovation.

If you understand that if you invest in the cleaning team on-site they will see benefits in terms of reduced sickness, improvement in morale and development of a better partnership. That level of service is more achievable over a longer term and of course, retaining and developing longer-term contracts is a huge benefit for the contractor.

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