Lemons!! The All Purpose Natural Cleaner

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Lemons are a great natural and cheap choice of cleaning product! Here are some ways you can use them to freshen up your household:

– Lemon peels are fantastic for getting rid of odours. Just stuff small pieces of peel down the drain, run some water, turn on your disposal, and let it run for a few minutes and wait for that lovely lemon scent.

– If you would like to polish up your copper pots you can clean the spots off with lemon juice. Cut a lemon in half and dip it in salt. Rub the fixtures with the lemon, then rinse thoroughly.

– If you have got messy in the microwave and food has splattered everywhere, boil lemon juice inside of it. The food will wipe away easily.

– To remove odours from your cutting boards, rub a lemon across them. It will deodorise and disinfect the boards.

– To freshen up the air in a room, mix some lemon juice and baking soda on a small dish and let it sit.

– You can add lemon juice to the dishwasher for cleaner and shinier dishes. If your dishwasher is smelly, pour 1/4 cup of lemon juice into the soap dispenser and run the washer without dishes. It will deodorise and disinfect your dishwasher.

– Squeeze lemon juice onto a stain on your countertop, let it sit for a few minutes, and then use the lemon to scrub the stain.

And if you don’t fancy cleaning with them, lemons are great in food and for your hair. Their uses really are endless!!

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