Hospitals Throughout Scotland are to Benefit From New Steam Cleaners.

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The Scottish Government is to distribute 250 steam cleaners at a cost of £400,000.

These will allow for specialist cleaning and when used with micro-fibre cloths are particularly effective against C.difficile.

Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon said: ‘Cleanliness is crucial in our hospitals and is a simple way to help combat infections like MRSA and C.diff.’

‘Steam cleaning is a particularly effective way of cleaning areas affected by C.diff and substantially increasing the number of steam cleaners available to the NHS will ensure they are available locally when needed.’

Across NHS Scotland there are currently 20 steam cleaners which have provided sufficient evidence of their effectiveness, which should encourage the government to invest in more.

Health Facilities in Scotland will purchase the steam cleaning packages on behalf of NHS Scotland.

Over three years the government is to invest £54 million in a range of initiatives designed to tackle hospital super-bugs.

Some of these initiatives include a national MRSA screening programme, 100% single room provision in all new hospitals as well as doctors being prudent in the prescribing of antibiotics.

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