Doctor Dirt: New Reports Put Hospital Hygiene in Spotlight

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The CSSA and BCC have put the topic of hospital hygiene high on the agenda once again by drawing attention to a new report on doctors.

This new paper suggests that some doctors still aren’t following through with the most basic of good hygienic practices; handwashing.

Despite a huge push on the topic of hospital cleanliness in the wake of bugs like MRSA and pandemics like Swine Flu in the last few years, office cleaning’s top authorities are still having to put pressure on those in the medical profession to start taking the matter more seriously.

Hospitals now put the onus on patients expecting surgery with special shower gels and nasal sprays designed to kill bugs before they enter hospitals, but those preventative measures could be for naught if doctors themselves could be carrying pathogens.

Solutions within the cleaning industry designed to make handwashing much easier are plentiful – with antibacterial soaps and touchless taps making wash-stations not only more hygienic, but also practically effortless.

Hospitals could take note from many of our contract cleaning customers; we have many busy London offices and larger companies who  take hygiene into their own hands figuratively and literally by commissioning posters or asking staff to get creative with signs to display in the office washrooms to raise awareness.

With that in mind, here’s hoping both NHS and private hospitals make a push to once again raise the hygienic standards set for that staff, knowing that there’s so many peoples health at stake.

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