Health Secretary Attacked Over Contract Cleaning Plans

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The conservative party has attacked health secretary Nicola Sturgeon, over plans to ban NHS bosses from putting more hospital cleaning services out to contract.

The Tory MSP said: ‘It was disingenuous, misleading and wrong of the SNP health secretary Nicola Sturgeon to infer that external cleaning contracts were to blame for recent outbreaks of hospital acquired infections.’

’She should concentrate on practical measures which would make a difference and not waste time on misguided political ideology.’

Ms Sturgeon told the SNP annual conference in Perth that she is banning hospitals from contracting out anymore cleaning and catering services.

She said she was setting ‘very tough’ new targets to cut rates of C difficile, and added that ‘the very highest standards of hospital cleanliness’ would be required to meet this.

She added: ‘A letter will issue from my department to all health boards advising them that from now on there will be no further privatisation of hospital cleaning and catering services anywhere in Scotland.’

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