Google’s Stress Free London Office

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Google’s London headquarters in Victoria was already amongst the most envied place to work in the capital and why not in the whole of the UK. What was good just got even better, last week Google opened the doors to the brand new floor designed to inspire and keep its employees at the top of their game.super clean offfice spaceRelaxation areas, games room, corridors inspired on the insides of the SS Enterprise, meeting rooms with sofas and loads of cushions make it one of the trendiest work environments in the world. A dream come true to any employee not to mention an office cleaning company.Google's office games roomNelson Mattos, Google’s Vice President of Engineering, said: ‘We hire the brightest and best engineers in the UK and put them together in a highly creative, relaxed and exciting environment.’ss-enterprise-corridorsThe office has four FREE restaurants including a tapas and sushi bar and a “coffee lab” with nothing less than 19 different blends of coffee.Trendy Meetings RoomLabelled L4, this dream come true office also has a gym, games room with pool table and gaming consoles as well as a sound-proofed music room with drums and guitars.Mattos adds: ‘Contrary to accepted wisdom, fun offices don’t hurt. Our experience is that a comfortable, open and fun environment encourages creativity and openness.‘Open spaces make chance interactions more likely and chance interactions often lead to the greatest ideas.‘Many of our products came from unrelated teams finding out about each other’s work and physically meeting to discuss fresh approaches.’Google’s London office one of the corner stones of its global operation. Voice search, personalised local search and the most popular Android and iPhone apps were created in there.Recently Google announced a new service that will boost the cleaning industry but image landing a contract with the search giant to clean that state-of-the-art office.For competitively price office cleaning services in London contact Total Clean, 15 years of experience in office cleaning London.

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