Germs in the Workplace

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It may or may not strike you as hard to believe that the workplace in which you spend your hard working hours in, is not the clean and hygenic place you once thought. It has been proven that Phones, keyboards and PC mice are harboured with the most germs, within the office.  

A study carried out by Durable UK found that: The keyboard is the filthiest item within the office, it was disovered that only 17% of people describe their keyboards as clean. As most wait over two weeks for germs to build up before they decide to clean it. The survey also showed that of the 70% of the office’s that have cleaners, only 3% of office cleaners have the correct equipment for cleaning inbetween keys, leaving us vulnerable to bugs and viruses.

Professor Charles Gerba has discovered some grubby secrets about the workplace. He says the average office holds around 20,96 microbes per square inch, compared with 49 found in a toilet bowl. The professor also found that the computer mice harboured 1,676 particles per square inch and both mobile and phone handsets could be considered health hazards because of the bacteria they hold.

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