Games to Make Cleaning Fun for Kids

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There is no doubt that littering is a constant problem around the streets of Britain and that one of the reasons for this could be because a parents tend to clean up for their children.

This is the normal thing to do, but not making our kids clean up for themselves could lead to them littering in the future.

But the question is how do we get children to clean for themselves without seeing it as a chore? Well below I have suggested two games that could help make cleaning seem more fun.

Pacman cleaning game – The child is challenged to collect all the rubbish in the park or environment they are in including papers, plastics, cans and bottles. They then throw them on the right rubbish bins separating biodegradable from non-biodegradable and then teach their friend or sibling to recycle. This is a simple game but teaches your child to dispose of rubbish properly.

Cleaning marathon game – There are two teams involved in this game, each member of the team must is to accomplish a certain chore while running around a pole, like a mop or brush – this can help to see cleaning objects as something fun.

Cleaning games can help introduce children to cleaning in a positive way rather than just a chore they have to do. They are then able to see it as fun as well as rewarding.

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