Fake vs Real Christmas Trees, Which Will You Choose!

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Do you get sick of cleaning those blooming pine needles off your carpet and opt for a fake tree?

Or do you, like me, love the smell and authenticity of a real tree decorated in your home?

It’s a debate that goes on within families every Christmas, but as much as I like the real tree, a recent article has made me think twice!

Apparently a study has proved that live Christmas trees can increase asthma and sinus problems.

So if your prone to getting asthma around the festive season, you now know why!

But wait… Before you throw your real tree out of the window, it has also been proven that fake trees can be even worse for the environment. Artificial trees are made from non renewable petroleum and eventually wind up in landfills and are clogging mother earth with PVC.

Not so good for Mother Nature as they never disintergrate!

Here at Total Clean Services we would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year, no matter which tree you choose!

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