Amazing Office Buildings, Milan

Amazing Office Buildings: Comvert Office in Milan Italy

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Here we are once again with our articles featuring the coolest offices in Europe. We’ve seen state-of-the-art offices in this series but the one we are going to see today is by far my favourite. Why? The place has a skateboarding bowl inside. How cool is that?

Introducing Comvert an Italian skate and snowboard company. This amazing office building is based in Milan which sells gear under the brand name Bastard.

Comvert initial concept was to create a workplace where they would have all in one place. The office, a flagship store, warehouse and why not a place to test some of their gear. That is when the idea of building a skateboarding bowl come to mind.

But how to build a skateboarding bowl without using all the physical space needed for the office, store and warehouse? Simple, by suspending the bowl from the ceiling and that is exactly what Italian design firm Studiometrico did for Comvert.

They found a 1950’s 6.600m3 Cinema theatre and converted into one of the coolest places to work in Europe and why not in the world.


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