Dyson Commercial Criticised Over Miss-Representation

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Rival firm Hoover and 35 members of the public complained the commercial implied Dyson cleaners did not have filters. After an investigation, the Advertising Standards Authority found the commercial in breach of industry rules.  The ASA said Dyson must not broadcast the commercial again in its current form as viewers were likely to infer from the advert that Dyson cleaners did not have filters. The cleaners have pre-motor filters which should be regularly cleaned to ensure they do not get clogged and to avoid basic loss of suction.

Responding to the investigation, Dyson said its machines each contained both a pre-motor and a post-motor filter.

Inventor Sir James Dyson said the firm planned to appeal against the ASA’s decision. Neither of the filters removes dust and dirt from the collected air.

Dyson recommends that owners rinse their machines’ pre-motor filters every six months.

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