Demand for New Offices is high across the UK

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Over the past year the construction of office spaces in the UK has declined considerably with only 38,000 square feet of new units under construction or set to be built this year. Not the kind of news office cleaning companies around the country would like to hear.

According to industry experts the supply will remain very limited in the forthcoming year. The segment that is experiencing the biggest shortages is the Grade A segment where developers who strategically position themselves could reap the benefits of this shortage.

Meanwhile this is by no means good news for office cleaning companies across the country who will find themselves competing for contracts as competition gets tougher.

But luckily for office cleaners working on one of the six key industrial areas that shouldn’t be of any concern as the number of vacancies in these areas is below four per cent, indicating that there is still a demand for new offices.

That is exactly what is happening in London, where a surge in office sales and rents should increase the procurement for office cleaning services.

The demand for office space is growing rapidly but not a sufficient pace to change the mood of investors and incite them to invest in building more Grade A offices not only in London but across the land.

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