Contract and Office Cleaners to benefit from London Living Wage increase

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Mayor Boris Johnson announced a 25p increase to the London living wage stressing that the 3.3 per cent rise in the unofficial minimum wage for Londoners will guarantee employees receive a fairer wage.


The news couldn’t come in a better time for contract cleaners and cleaners’ alike working in London. Contract cleaners who were working on the minimum hourly wages in the capital will get £7.85 per hour.

The living wage reflects the fact that those working and living in London need an hourly wage rate that is set at 17 per cent above the national minimum wage rate of £5.80 to take them above the poverty level.

Speaking on the subject Mayor Johnson said:

“The capital relies on the work of many who carry out the city’s essential functions on a daily basis – from office cleaners to care workers in social services,”

and added:

“It is right that their skills and commitment to London’s success are recognised and one of the most fundamental ways of doing this is to ensure that all Londoners are paid properly.”

The pay raise announcement was published in the Living Wage Unit’s sixth annual report by the Greater London authority. Mr Johnson is urging all employers in the capital to follow Greater London authority’s lead.

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