CO2 Balance – October Update

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As a vital part of our Environmental policies and procedures, CO2balance is retained by total Clean to audit, report then offset the Group’s determined carbon footprint in incredibly well-deserving projects across the World. This post brings you the latest summary update from the Managing Director at CO2 Balance, Mark Simpson and reports on relevant current events and positive actions resulting from ongoing projects.


 Mark Simpson, Managing Director,
CO2balance UK Ltd

Welcome to our October newsletter that follows hot on the heels of the UN Climate Summit held in New York last week. For the first time, we can reflect on some positive action from the world leaders who attended international talks on how to tackle climate change. Both the US and China made specific reference to recently experienced extreme weather events that are forming the growing body of evidence that our climate is changing. The economic impact of these extreme weather events was underlined and – in what constitutes a bold move at these events – China made reference to their man made emissions ‘peaking as soon as possible’. Despite the reluctance of countries to blink first when it comes to making a commitment, the run up to summit saw over 1000 companies sign a World Bank Initiative to encourage governments to set a price on carbon, which would act as an economic incentive to reduce greenhouse emissions. Business, it seems, has a valuable role to play in driving action to curb climate change where governments fear to tread.

We have had a busy summer at CO2balance in which we have continued to develop exciting new climate change mitigation projects under our microprogramme that spans the African continent.

“This past month we have seen our first ever projects in Cameroon (West Cameroon Cookstoves) and Sierra Leone (Bombali Safe Water) formally recognised by the Gold Standard. We have established 4 new safe water projects in Malawi, 4 in Bangladesh and 5 in Rwanda; we have also brought online 7 new cookstoves projects in Rwanda, 2 in Kenya (with partner World Vision) and 1 in Mozambique (with partner Cloros).”

In terms of action on the ground, we have completed the roll out of 900 artisanal improved cookstoves as a microenterprise operated by the Umeme Women’s group in West Kisumu, and have just built our 9,000th stove in our Rwanda programme! Our new safe water project roll out in Eastern Region, Uganda is now complete and over 8,000 people are now drinking clean water as a result of our work.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s summary update, look out for more news in the coming months.

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