Cleaning Staff Guarantee Should Be Brought in to Hospitals, Says Unison

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Unison, who represents a range of staff including nurses, cleaners and porters, said hospitals should have 2 cleaners for every 30 patients.

Hospitals should be cleaned from 8am to 9pm to try and fight super-bugs such as MRSA, but the government said cleaning was too complex to have specific quotas.

The union have complained of there being no minimum staffing levels for cleaners or times for the hospital to be cleaned. They also believe that they need to use the whole hospital team if they are going to fight the super-bugs.

Unison’s head of health, Karen Jennings, said: ‘Cleaning staff are frustrated because they know which cleaning products are effective, what equipment they need, how many staff it takes to really clean a ward well, but they are rarely consulted or listened to.’

She continues: ‘It should be a requirement that all NHS organisations have safe minimum staffing levels for their cleaning services that are based on quality, not cost, and with staff receiving proper, up to date training and equipment.’

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