Cleaning Scheme Set up in Edinburgh

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A team of six wardens have started operating in Edinburgh to improve the levels of cleanliness on the city’s streets.

There are plans to tackle some of the areas worst hit by graffiti and provide an instant response cleaning team for businesses as problems develop.

The cleaning teams have been set up by Essential Edinburgh, the company brought in to manage the city’s first business improvement district.

Many of the areas being targeted initially are within privately-owned land so are not the responsibility of the city council.

That can mean that litter builds up and is then blown on to the main public streets.

Operations manager at Essential Edinburgh, said: ‘It is a bit of a bugbear for the council that they can’t go in and clean these areas up because the rubbish that gathers just gets blown back on to public areas that they might have just cleaned.’

As well as removing litter, the cleaning teams are to use specialist cleaning equipment to remove graffiti and chewing gum.

Once the ‘deep cleaning’ programme of lane cleaning and graffiti removal is completed, they intend to provide an instant response team that will respond to businesses’ calls on issues such as graffiti or flyposting.

Councillor Robert Aldridge, environment leader, said: ‘We are determined to improve street cleanliness in Edinburgh and this support will help us to keep the city centre clean and attractive.’

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