Cleaning Product Could Reduce MRSA Rates

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According to research a new cleaning product could help cut rates of the MRSA superbug by a third.

A study found that levels of MRSA were reduced by a third when wards were treated with Byotrol rather than standard bleach.

The 11-month study at Manchester Royal Infirmary suggests the product could be a useful tool for the health service.

Byotrol was used on two general medical wards, while two others were treated with the NHS’s normal cleaning bleach.

Dr Andrew Dodgson, the consultant microbiologist who led the study, said the results were “very impressive”.

He added: “Cutting the levels of pathogens on the wards reduces the risk to patients of picking up an infection.”

The Manchester research follows earlier tests which found Byotrol cut levels of MRSA by half.

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