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Coolest Offices in the World: The Red Bull UK HQ in London

Coolest Offices in the World: The Red Bull UK HQ in London

We are back with our Europe’s Coolest Offices series and today we bring you a very unique office from one of the world’s most popular beverages, Red Bull. The energy drinks giant’ UK HQ in Soho, London, is another master creation from Jump Studios.


Red Bull’s UK HQ interior design was created with the Red Bull Spirit at its core – hyperactivity, and adrenaline-overload. Instead of stairs, there are slides, yes slides, to move from one floor to another and ping pong tables, so on the employees break they can go and have a game of ping pong and relax. They also have boardrooms upstairs modern enough to inspire future business. It must be one of the coolest offices in the world!

It has three specially designed meeting pods that are very modern and cool and were designed to be really productive because it’s such a cool place, it also has different chill-out rooms for when their employees are tired or unproductive. They can go and have a sit down on the beanbags and watch some TV or just chill out and get de-stressed.

Benefits of having a cool office:

  • Morale boost for employee’s
  • Employees will enjoy their work more
  • Less likely for employees to be sick/off work

Built in the top 3 stories of an existing 19th-century office, the place is decorated with bright colours and dynamic shapes in a layout to encourage cheerful interaction between employees without losing the brand’s strong values. It is a very innovative building that hasn’t followed the normal type of office building which is drab and dull and breaks through those boundaries and makes it a place where anyone would be proud to say they work there.

Visitors ascend from the street by elevator and enter via a rooftop reception lobby overlooking London’s West End. Not a normal entrance. But then again, this isn’t any company. This is Red Bull. This entrance separates them from the rest of the businesses on the block. The main reception has a bar and cafe on the same floor there are also formal and informal meeting rooms, and you can see the London Eye. It is a very modern looking building that looks good in the trendy area of Soho where Facebook and Badoo also have their London offices.

This is a truly unique office space that I bet any office cleaner in London would love to work there, cleaning the slides especially.

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