Cleaning Industry Sweeps Up During Recession

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The cleaning industry is one of the few areas bucking the recession with around 45,000 jobs available at any one time.

In fact the number is more likely to be 60,000 when including part time domestic jobs.

Andrew Large of the Cleaning and Support Services Association explains: “The cleaning industry has an advantage when there’s an economic downturn – after all – it is essential.”

No matter what happens you still need clean hospitals, schools and offices.”

He continues: “With the presence of swine flu too, the importance of hygiene is becoming more and more apparent.

The cleaning industry employs at least one million people, meaning the number of vacancies is naturally high as people come and go.”

Mr Large adds: “I know one man who started out as a carpet cleaner in his teens and now has a £50million business. If you’re prepared to work hard there are plenty of opportunities.”

It’s also a good industry if you want a stable job or career.

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