Cleaning in Cockersmith after Floods Subside

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The filthy job of cleaning businesses and households in Cockermouth after the floods, has started.

Although the main Street and much of the town centre remain sealed off by the police businesses and households have begun the massive task of ‘cleaning up after the floods.

Chief superintendent Steve Johnson said:

“We’re not letting people in because it would hamper our operations. All residential premises have to be systematically checked. We need to see if there is still anybody inside. Where people chose to stay, we’re seeing if they have everything they need. It takes time. Some of the buildings are old and we need to ensure that they are structurally safe.”

Fears of looting as the flood waters ripped off shop frontages are a major concern for all residence and businesses. However, people were being allowed to return to their homes and businesses to start the mammoth task of cleaning up the sewage and silt.

Duncan Munro, 61, of Banks Court, said the water came in so fast he was un-able to save anything. He said:

“I was frying a sausage, moved my foot and heard the water splashing. Within a few minutes the water was 3ft high. I didn’t have any time to rescue anything. My music collection I have collected over 50 years is gone. The LPs are irreplaceable. I have a wheezy chest with the smell being so bad. Spores are already growing up the walls. I have no power. I have been going to Cockermouth School for food and coffee. I have no insurance and I am unemployed, so I have nothing left. It is very upsetting and dispiriting”

Many people will suffer terribly due to lack of insurance, old age, ill health and resources available. All that is left for now is cleaning up the aftermath of the flood and salvaging as much as possible.

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