Cleaning Company Fight Against Superbugs in the Workplace

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A leading anti-microbial technology company is working with a specialist IT cleaning company, in a bid to fight superbugs spread through office equipment.

The move to address infection transmission in the workplace comes on the back of a study which examined bacteria levels on different surfaces in a UK office. The study found that the level of bacteria on keyboards is up to 14 times higher than toilet seats.

Deputy Chairman for Byotrol, Stephen Falder explains:

“Office equipment is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Skin diseases, fungal infections, hepatitis and blood poisoning can be transmitted via a keyboard alone. Bugs such as listeria, salmonella and MRSA have also been found on office equipment.

Operations Director at Techclean Services Limited, Richard Samarasinghe, says:

“Companies are happy to employ window cleaners and people to vacuum but many of them forget about the danger at their finger tips. Every time we fire off an email we could be picking up a dangerous infection. A flu virus can survive for many hours living in a keyboard.”

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