Clean the Eco-Friendly Way

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It’s safe to assume that we could all do a little more to help our environment, so here a few tips to help you be more eco-friendly when you clean:

White vinegar:  Is a natural disinfectant and a stain remover.  It’s a diluted ascetic acid and substitute for more powerful ammonia-based cleaners like window cleaner.  White wine vinegar is ok to use, but white distilled vinegar is less expensive. Do not use malt vinegar!

Sodium Bicarbonate: When mixed with water it forms a slightly alkaline liquid, which goes through grease and dirt on almost all surface’s.  Used neat it’s slightly abrasive and can be used to scrub problem stains.  Often vinegar and soda are mixed, for max cleaning strength.

Olive Oil: Is a great alternative to furniture polish. The most basic type of olive oil will work, so don’t worry about the fancy extra-virgin stuff.

Lemons: The citric acid in lemon juice makes it ideal for bleaching, disinfecting, deodorising and getting rid of grease.  It’s an extremely natural and multi-purpose cleaning poduct, All households should have to hand.

Essential Oil: Dab some essential oil on a light bulb.  Whilst on, the heat will diffuse the fragrance creating a nice smelling room at a very low cost.  This could save you so much on air-fresheners.

Now you’ve got the tips, search those cupboards for these everyday household items and get cleaning!

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