Clean Office Environment = A Happy Workplace

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Your office can contribute largely to health problems if you are not working in a clean, properly ventilated environment.

Office spaces are built to keep out noise and pollution, so are sealed tightly to prevent cold air from escaping in the summer and cold air from getting in during the winter. Also the cleaning supplies used, and the furniture located in the area can all contribute to health problems.

The air in any location should be circulated at least ten times each day. If this is not the case then pollutants in the air tend to build up. Check the vents to make sure air is moving through them properly, you should also open windows to help get the air moving, and provide fresh air for yourself and your employees.

Research has indicated that the work or office environment plays a very big role in employee performance and efficiency.

The use of proper lighting, air-conditioning, and spacious rooms contribute to higher efficiency. Ensuring cleanliness and hygiene at all times can reduce the possibility of employees contracting illness at work, benefiting you the employer. Cleanliness certainly contributes positively to your image, particularly within the workplace. You are likely to do better business if customers and clients are impressed with your office.

Some tips for getting rid of those stale odors, and creating a fresh smelling office: place vanilla or essential oils onto a cotton ball. Place this in a plastic or glass container and let it sit for a while. Alternatively you can use baking soda or vinegar to remove odors naturally without the use of any harsh chemicals.

Remember, “cleanliness is next to godliness.”

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