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6 Ways To Clean With Apple Cider Vinegar for a sustainable 2020

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Apple Cider Vinegar.

What a hero!

Diet experts and health enthusiasts have tried and tested this magic potion and they swear by it. This fermented product has so many health, beauty and cooking benefits. Furthermore, this magic potion is even used in preserving food as well as improving your skin and hair.

What is apple cider good for?

Many things, but for the purpose of this article, we’re going to talk about the virtues of apple cider vinegar for cleaning. Read the rest >>

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Easy Steps to a Successful Sustainable Christmas that won’t cost you the world

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Reuse, reduce, recycle


Friends, family, lots of food, presents and festive decorations. It’s the time of the year where the rules do not apply. The diet starts in January, kids are allowed to eat chocolate for breakfast and we always end up spending more than we can afford on decorations and presents.

No harm done, right?

Well, for anyone who has been watching the news and basically living on Earth, we know things are very serious and urgent. Read the rest >>

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3 Reasons Why Natural Daylight is Important for Office Workers

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Natural Light

It’s often taken for granted, but these days natural daylight can easily be considered a “work perk”. There is no secret that natural daylight improves not only quality of life but workplace productivity too.

But, as we go into the darkest and shortest days of the year, most office workers will be affected more and more by the poor lighting. 

According to Healthline, over 1,600 employees ranked “access to natural light and views of the outdoors” as their number one desire for a workplace environment. Read the rest >>

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Benefits of green cleaning services

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Green cleaning services offer an effective method of cleaning which is safer for people and better for the environment.


Whether you’re a housekeeper who cleans all day, a business owner who manages the office cleaning, or someone who cleans your own home regularly, you might want to find out more about eco friendly cleaning and green cleaning services.

It’s tempting to use products with lots of chemicals because they seem stronger and more effective. Read the rest >>

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Green Cleaning Products For Your Home

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While it might seem rather arcane to use natural ingredients for cleaning, most modern synthetic cleaning products are based on the same principles of chemistry that allow tea tree oil to remove mould. But you can use some green cleaning products for your home that work wonders.

Not only are these green cleaning products equally effective as branded products, most can be found in your kitchen cupboards and are entirely non-toxic. Read the rest >>

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Top 10 Green Cleaning Tips

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Green is the new trend. Every industry is at least trying to convert their procedures to environmentally friendly. One industry that has been investing big to earn the “Eco-Friendly Label” is the cleaning industry with the developments of biodegradable cleaning products and cleaning methods that will keep a place smelling fresh without the toxic effect.

Here at Total Clean we strive to deliver an environmentally friendly office cleaning service by applying cleaning products and methods that are less harmful as possible to the environment. Read the rest >>

Green Cleaning – The Healthy Option

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Cleaning is essential for maintaining hygiene and health. We clean our offices and homes to remove dust and germs, and it also makes us feel good, no one likes to stay in a dirty, untidy mess. Different cleaning processes and endless varieties of cleaning products are available for office or home use.

It has been proven for some time that some commercial cleaning products can pose threat to your health. According to scientists and physicians, strong chemical compounds used in cleaning products can cause different dermatological and respiratory problems for people and that’s why people are opting for green cleaning. Read the rest >>

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Winter Cleaning Tips

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As upsetting as it is the summer is almost over and the winter months are upon us. So as you prepare to put away the barbecue for another year it maybe a good idea to get your home ready for the winter months. Here are some cleaning tips to help you on your way: -  Get your carpets professionally cleaned. Think of all the sand and grass clippings that have been walked in on your flip-flops this summer. -  Clean your windows, inside and out, including in between the sills. -  Cleaning your house from top to bottom, focusing on public rooms such as the living room, family room, hallway and bathroom. -  Get out the vacuum. Vacuum the drapes, window treatments, baseboards and in the corners. Move furniture and vacuum beneath and behind it. Vacuum upholstered furniture, or have it professionally cleaned if necessary. If you are looking for a professional contract cleaning company with a difference please visit the Total Clean Services website.