Tips for Cleaning Your Car!

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The maintenance of a car can tell you a lot about a person, so why not make a good impression by keeping yours clean. Here are some tips on how to clean your car effectively: - Cleaning your car at home is not only the most cost effective, but it's also great exercise. Hose the car down, then clean the car starting with the roof and working your way down the sides with hot soapy water and a sponge. - Once the outside of the car is sparkly, you can begin cleaning the interior. Give the floor and the seats a good vacuum and clear out all those crumbs and dirt, and polish those sideboards. - Put a waste bin in a convenient place in your car (preferably hidden) to put your rubbish in and safe your car smelling bad. - Finally, finish of the wash by investing in an air freshener this will complete the clean and leave your car smelling fragrant.

Useful Everyday Cleaning Tips!

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Here are some general tips for cleaning, because you never know...
  • Permanent marker on your favourite top or shirt...The solution, a squirt of hairspray, with a wipe of a cloth and the stain has gone.
  • Getting rid of those annoying window smears. After cleaning your windows wipe them with a scrunched newspaper and all smears should disappear.
  • Not keen on the shiny effect on your suit trousers?...Then wipe a damp tea bag over the seat of your trousers. Preferably wihout wearing them, otherwise you might get a few strange looks!
  • Remove sticky label residue effectively, by sprinkling a little talcum powder on the sticky area and rub it with a dry cloth.
  • Now here's a good one! Ever heard of polishing your shoes with fruit? You have now. Apparently a cost effective way of shining your shoes is to use a banana, yes really. Use the soft, inner skin to polish leather shoes. Wipe it softly over, then buff.
  • And finally...Removing water stains from polished wood not as convenient as the other tips but effective! Smear olive oil or vegetable oil over the stain and then, using a generous amount of cigarette ash, rub to a paste with oil. Leave over night if the stain is old, otherwise wipe clean with polish!
I hope these tips come in useful to you!

Tips For Cleaning Your Work Desk!

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So the chances are you are reading this whilst sitting at your wooden work desk... Now have a look, is it looking a bit dusty and a tad dirty, if so these tips are for you! Wooden desks and other furniture require some special treatment. Take these tips on board to ensure cleaning, doesn't ruin a good finish.  To keep your desk dust free it is best to use lambs wool dusters or classic feather dusters.  However if you are unable to get hold of this type of duster then a dry, clean soft towel will be fine.  It is important to clean your wood from dust because it can cause scratches and abrasions. For sticky spots use soap and water, do not use cleaning sprays. Furniture polish is a very good tool for cleaning wood, it make the surface slippery and less likely to catch dirt and dust.  However if you choose to wax the surface, there are a lot of good waxes on the market.  Or alternatively a good homemade recipe for giving your wooden desk a deep clean, consists of equal parts olive oil, denatured alcohol, gum turpentine, and strained lemon juice. You should apply this with a soft cloth and gently buff. Remember a clean desk environment maintains professionalism and makes yourselve and/or your company even more inviting.  So get the elbow grease going!

Desk Organisation Tips: Tips to Maintaining a Professional Clean Desk

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Ever feel like your snowed under with paper and clutter on your desk? If this sounds familiar check out our tips for keeping a clean organised desk.
  • When you receive any mail or important documents, make sure you file them appropriately as soon as you get them. So that you remain organised and they are accessible, for when you need them. 
  • Ensure to prioritise your documents as you receive them, this will help you not to feel too overwhelmed and help you get things done faster. 
  • Organise your desk in a way that all your resources are within reaching distance (if this is possible), for example stationary and filing cabinet. Ideally your desk chair should have wheels so you can move around quickly and easily.
  • Always ensure you give your desk a wipe down and clean of any rubbish, as this will maintain professionalism if any clients are expected and help you feel more relaxed and focused.
After all having an organised, tidy desk can help you to keep control of the work you are doing and help to alleviate stress!

Cleaning Your PC Monitor

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That's right, its due time that the fingerprints and dead gnats are removed from the computer screen but don't just wipe it with any cleaner you have under the sink. Monitors are delicate equipment and must be cleaned accordingly. Never spray directly on the screen--the liquid could seep under the edges of the monitor bezel and damage the circuitry within. Instead, lightly spray some suitable cleaner on a folded piece of soft cloth or a soft paper towel, then use that to wipe the glass. Another option is lint-free wipes, which promise nonabrasive cleaning. Whichever method you use, your monitor should be turned off (better to see the dust and smudges you're trying to remove), and you shouldn't turn it on again until the screen is dry. For LCD screens, steer clear of ammonia-based cleaners. Instead, use a soft lint free cloth dampened with plain water. Just make sure the cloth isn't too wet, otherwise droplets could seep under the bezel and cause damage. Monitors should never be opened. Never take the cover off any type of monitor, even if it needs cleaning. Why? Well, your PC's monitor is one of the two components of your system that carry enough voltage to seriously hurt you (the other being your PC's power supply). If your monitor needs to be serviced or cleaned on the inside, take it to your local computer shop. (note CRT monitors are the monitor types that have some very dangerous voltages inside them LCD monitors don’t have the high voltage circuits that CRT's do)

Office Cleaning Tips

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Office Cleaning Tip # 1 - Sort Your Papers

Computers were supposed to reduce the amount of paper we use and create a clutter-free work environment!  so how come My waste paperbins  are over-flowing.  Often when you decide have to do something about the mess, you wind up moving papers from one pile to the other. It may look a little neater after you're done, but the problem is not solved.  The solution is ORGANIZATION! To get started, grab another piece of paper .... and write down five broad categories of subjects you usually address in your office. Try to limit the list to five topics. Perhaps you will start with "Personal," then "Finances," then "Medical," etc. Begin sorting through your papers and placing similar subjects in one pile, following your list.. Buy a box of manila folders, label according to subject, then place the papers in the appropriate file, according to your categories.

Office Cleaning Tip # 2 - Set Aside Time

It’s a good idea  to set aside a specific time each day/week/month to handle the housekeeping and tidying that every office needs.

Office Cleaning Tip # 3 - Delete The Junk

It may take some time to go through those precious papers but, as you do, it will be easier for you to see how much is duplication, unnecessary, out-of-date, and just plain trash. Throw out the stuff you no longer need. If there's personal information, financial or other, on some of those sheets you are discarding, be sure to shed them! If you don't have a shredder, buy one.

Office Cleaning Tip # 4 - Assign Priority

You may have five or six piles of papers now. Some of these you will want to access frequently, some not as much. Decide which are your priorities and put the categories that you use most often closer to you. Use file caddies to keep the files upright on your desk rather than laying the folders flat. It's easier to see the file labels when they are upright. File Your Documents There are many options available for storing your important data. Browse through an office supply store; visualize the various filing systems as if you had them in your office. If you opt for fie cabinets, consider using color coded folders. Coding helps reduce the chance that papers will be filed in the wrong place (i.e. - green: financial records; blue: medical records, etc.). Storage systems come in many sizes, shapes and composition. Old standbys are the metal filing cabinets with Manila folders but the cabinets now come in modern colors and finishes with smooth glide drawers. There are also attractive plastic stacking boxes, a variety of desk and drawer organizers, and the old standby, corrugated bank storage boxes.

Office Cleaning Tip # 5 Hire a Cleaning Service

Sometimes we just get too busy doing the important stuff to worry about being neat! It doesn't take long for the clutter to stack up and all of a sudden, it's out of control. This is the time for you to consider hiring a cleaning service. You can request a one-time visit to help you get organized and give the office a good dusting and vacuuming, or you can ask for ongoing, routine cleaning to help keep your office organized and clean. Contact Total Clean services  for more office cleaning information

Top 10 Spring Cleaning tips

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As spring now appears (touch wood) to have finally sprung here are our top10 tops for giving your home or office a spring clean. 1.  Start your spring clean at the top of the house and work your way down, working from room to room and not moving onto the next until the last is complete. 2.  Choose some good music to get you in the mood and to keep yourself motivated. 3.  Clear out all of the old clutter that you don't need anymore and be firm; if it's clothes you haven't worn in the last 12 months you probably won't wear them again. 4. Tackle the dusting before moving onto the vacuuming or mopping, it will save you going over things twice. 5. Take time to clean your windows and lights, this will help light to come in and brighten up your home. 6. Leave no stone unturned, don't avoid big pieces of furniture such as sofas and wardrobes. 7.  Change the look of your home by re-arranging some furniture, a change is as good as a new look and will help your home look refreshed. 8. Introduce some bright accessories, simple touches such as cushions, throws and candles can make a huge difference. 9.  Keep all those odds and ends tidied away with some innovative storage solutions - you'll be amazed at the difference it makes. 10. Offices need a spring clean and total clean services can help with one off or regular office cleaning.

Why outsource your cleaning services?

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Paying a third party like total cleaning services to provide  cleaning services can save much time and money.

For the small business, employing contract cleaners is probably the easiest and most hassle-free way of getting the job done.

Using in-house cleaners, ones you employ yourself, may be preferable but is more difficult to control from a financial viewpoint. Putting out work for tendering, the process of asking people to make offers to do that work, will also help you to get value for money. Read the rest >>