Green Cleaning – The Healthy Option

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Cleaning is essential for maintaining hygiene and health. We clean our offices and homes to remove dust and germs, and it also makes us feel good, no one likes to stay in a dirty, untidy mess. Different cleaning processes and endless varieties of cleaning products are available for office or home use.

It has been proven for some time that some commercial cleaning products can pose threat to your health. According to scientists and physicians, strong chemical compounds used in cleaning products can cause different dermatological and respiratory problems for people and that’s why people are opting for green cleaning. Read the rest >>

How to Make Sure Cleaning Products Are Eco-Friendly

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It is no longer so easy to find non-toxic and natural cleaning products as advertisers can be tricky. - The first rule in making sure a cleaning products are really non toxic is read the ingredient list. - Avoid petroleum-based solvents, chlorine, ammonia and phosphates and avoid products that have "danger," "poison" or "warning" on the label. - Look for cleaning products that have particular information regarding biodegradability. - If a product is marketed as "natural," read the label more closely (petroleum is also classed as "natural"). - If you need a scented product, choose one that uses essential oils. Avoid products with synthetic fragrances. Now you have all the information needed to ensure your cleaning is eco-friendly. However, if what you really require is a contract cleaning company to provide a bespoke service please visit the Total Clean website.

Summer Cleaning Tips

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With the sunny weather actually arriving in the UK this summer, it is time to get your home clean and ready for the many barbecues and evenings spent outside. Cleaning Windows Each summer, you should clean your outside windows and screens. Always use a broom to remove spider webs and dirt before using water. Be careful of possible bee, wasp, or hornet nests. Driveway and Deck Cleaning The start of summer is a great time to do these once-a-year cleaning jobs. Our first tip is to not use a power washer! They are very dangerous to you, and can destroy your deck and driveway. For outdoor decks, you can use a diluted mixture of TSP or deck cleaner, and then use a push broom or stiff brush to scrub the deck clean. Be sure to rinse well. Grease stains can be treated with kitty litter or dry cement left to absorb the stain and then swept away. Luggage Cleaning It is the time for summer holidays, so chances are you’ll be dusting of your old suitcase and bags, with this you will probably notice how dirty it has gotten since you used it last year. So here are some tips on how to clean your luggage without ruining it. Firstly, clean the outside with a diluted mild cleanser (leather should be cleaned with a commercial leather cleaner). If the inside has developed a musty smell, clean it with a vinegar-water solution. Then let it air dry for several days. After your holiday and before putting the luggage away for storage, toss a fabric softener dryer sheet into the closed bag, especially if you don’t use the luggage often to keep it fresh. So now you're set with our cleaning tips you can get your house prepared. But if you have a larger invironment that needs cleaning like an office, Total Clean Services could be just the company you are looking for. We offer bepoke contract cleaning for businesses, for more information please click here.

Cleaning Tips for Reducing Allergies

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Chemical fumes from cleaning products are among the most common allergens in the home, according to the Asthma Society of Canada. Here are a some cleaning tips for reducing asthma and allergies, using natural products: Avoid using commercial air fresheners, as they release chemicals into the air. To create your own natural air freshener, add 10 drops of your favourite essential oil to water in a spray bottle. Toilet cleaners contain strong chemicals, so for a safer cleaner, use undiluted vinegar. Or even pour a can of fizz into your toilet to bubble away grunge and dirt. Vinegar is a great cleaning product and a natural disinfectant. You can dull down the strong smell using a few squeezes of lemon or a few drops of essential oil. Baking soda is a natural odour-absorber. To scrub dirt and clean away stains, use a microfibre cloth with a mixture of baking soda and water. Vacuum all carpets and even curtains and your bath mat regularly. If someone in your household has allergies or asthma. For more details about our services, please visit our office cleaning page.

Floor Cleaning Tips for Your Many Different Floors

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It is more than likely your house has at least a few different types of flooring in. So cleaning all of these can be tricky, especially when they tend to need different ways of cleaning. Here are some tips on how how to clean the most common of flooring: - Ceramic tiling: Don't use harsh abrasive cleaners that might scratch the tiles. Instead use a damp-mop on the ceramic tiles with an all-purpose cleaner. Then dry the floor with a soft cloth to avoid streaks. - Vinyl floors: To wash this type of floor, use an all-purpose cleaning solution. Test any cleaner in a corner before using it on the entire floor.  - Wood floors: The most effective way of cleaning a wooden floor applying a liquid wood-floor cleaner with a dry wax applicator on a small area at a time. Let it soak for a few minutes, and wipe up the excess. When the floor is dry, buff with a floor polisher. - Carpet Cleaning: The simplest way to keep your carpets clean is to vacuum regularly. But for an effective deep clean it is best to have your carpet steam cleaned.  Here at Total Clean Services Ltd we provide bespoke floor cleaning treatments for companies in London, if you would like more information please click here.

Non Toxic Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen & Bathroom

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Avoid using chemicals in your cleaning, with these useful tips: - For a toilet, use a glass cleaner made with vinegar, water, and Castile soap and scrub inside and out. For deeper stains, use a soft scrub made from baking soda and Castile soap. For good measure, I gave my toilet brush a spray of vinegar before placing back in its holder. - To clean the bath tub an ethical way, start with vinegar spray to kill red and green molds and other germs, then rinse and move onto a baking soda soft scrub and get out your scrub brush. - To clean chrome drain covers, tub chains, and mixer valves, use the glass cleaner and scrub with a toothbrush. - Soak handheld plastic showerheads in baking soda and use your scrub brush or toothbrush in crevices. Soak metal showerheads in vinegar and scrub. - For stainless steel and ceramic kitchen sinks, baking soda works as well as conventional bleach powders. Use the vinegar spray or tea tree spray for germs. - On sink faucets and mirrors, use the vinegar-based glass cleaner.

Wood Floor Cleaning Tips!

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Hardwood floors are one of the easiest types of floors to keep clean. Protect their warmth and character with simple these cleaning techniques. - Dirt, grit and sand are your hardwood floor’s enemies.They act as sandpaper on the finish, causing scratches, dents and dulling. Place floor mats at entrances to trap dirt and prevent damage. - Wipe up all spills as they happen, because standing water can warp a poorly finished hardwood floor and damage the finish. - Lift the furniture to move it - avoid dragging and when vacuuming use a brush attachment, don’t use vacuums with beater bars.  Total Clean Services Ltd provides floor cleaning treatments for all hard floor areas.  To discuss your office cleaning requirements and a no obligation quote, please contact us or telephone 020 7935 5088.<!-- -->

Cleaning Tips for Keeping Your House-Market Friendly!

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With the current slow housing market, it is now even more important to keep your house clean and tidy when trying to sell. To give you a helping hand and perhaps some well needed motivation, here are some tips to keeping your house market-friendly: - Wash windows inside and out, after all first impressions are important. A good tip is to dry the windows with crumpled newspaper and if you can, wash the windows on a cloudy rather than sunny day, because the sun can cause it to streak. - Clean shower, sinks and bath tubs, to remove hard water spots and scum off showers use undiluted, heated white vinegar. Put in a spray bottle, spray on and leave to soak for 15 mins and then scrub. - Clean all light fixtures and replace lightbulbs with a higher wattage, these little things are easy to forget, but can make all the difference. - Put non-essential items in boxes to eliminate clutter, so that viewers can see the whole space, it will also make the rooms look bigger. A clean house will help viewers see themselves living there and will show that you take pride in maintaining the house.

Handy Cleaning Tips!

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You don't necessarily need fancy, expensive cleaning products to clean up. So here are some useful tips to cleaning up with items you have around the house: - Use a air freshener to clean mirrors. Not only does it do a good job of cleaning, but it also leaves a lovely smell. - Stop a fridge freezer rusting by spraying it with furniture polish. - Use Hairspray to remove magic marker. - Putting baby oil on shower curtains will prevent mould and discolouring. - Use a pencil rubber to get rid of heel marks on wooden floors.  We Hope these cleaning tips come in handy, but for a contract cleaning company with a difference see our services.