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How To Clean Your Microwave; A How To Guide

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Microwaves are incredibly useful kitchen appliances. Almost all of us own one and, when you are in need, they can be a lifesaver. Where the issues arise, though, is how grubby they can get. A bowl of soup tipping over, a microwave meal exploding. In a short period of time, 

it can look like a bomb has gone off in your microwave.

Sometimes a brief wipe-around with a damp cloth will suffice, but at other times, catastrophe has happened and a full deep clean is in need. Read the rest >>

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Covid-19 Cleaning Checklist: How to Keep Your Workplace Safe

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The workplace is made up of many employees from different households, meaning the potential for catching and spreading covid-19 is high if you fail to prepare appropriately. Fortunately, our Covid-19 cleaning checklist will tell you everything you need to know.

It’s crazy to think how much has happened since the first coronavirus case was discovered (or when it was announced), and it’s been quite the tumultuous ride ever since. After several lockdowns and a great deal of uncertainty, we are finally at a stage where we understand Covid-19. Read the rest >>

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How to clean to remove Viruses and Bacteria

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Understanding the difference between bacteria or virus not only helps you to recover, but it also helps you to understand the cleaning process to kill both before they can contaminate further. 

We will break down the subtle difference between the two and give you tips on approaching your cleaning process and the products that will ensure your homes or office spaces are left clear of harmful bacteria and viruses. 


Bacteria is a free-living cell that can live on and off the body and doesn’t require a living host. Read the rest >>

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How to clean your carpet and how to tell when it needs a deep clean

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Whether in a huge office building or in your own home, the one thing they have in common is dirt. Carpets can look deceivingly clean when in actual fact, they are holding onto dirt, crumbs, grime and even carpet bugs. 

Knowing how to keep your carpet clean will help you to breathe a new lease of life into it and ensure that dirt isn’t building up. If, however, it is already too late, we will give you some hints as to what the signs are and when you should bring in the professionals.  Read the rest >>

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Office Cleaning for Covid19

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Tips to keep Covid19 away

With open-plan offices being commonplace in London, we thought it best to create the perfect checklist of tips to keep Covid19 away from your offices in between the times your office cleaners are present. 

The things we used to take for granted have become a far higher risk due to the recent pandemic. So suddenly, everything like using a printer, or hotdesking has become a far scarier activity.  Read the rest >>

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How to clean an office phone thoroughly to stop the spread of germs when you take a call

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In any office, the phone is one of the most used pieces of equipment. Whether you’re fielding calls from clients or contacting suppliers, despite new digital technologies, we all still regularly turn to the office phone. But, how often do you clean an office phone? In this guide, we’ll explain why you should be cleaning your phone and how to clean an office phone thoroughly.  

With many offices throughout the country beginning to reopen following the COVID-19 lockdown, keeping your workplace clean and tidy is more important than ever. Read the rest >>

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A staff cleaning checklist for a clean communal work area

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Reentering the workplace after lockdown restrictions can be unsettling for staff, but keeping on top of some simple cleaning procedures can help to ease any concerns about safety and hygiene. A great way to ensure everyone is on the same page about office cleaning is to use a staff cleaning checklist.

The virus has led to us all becoming more aware of how many surfaces we touch in our day-to-day lives and how many opportunities there are for picking up potential germs, bacterias, and viruses.  Read the rest >>

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A guide to returning to work after lockdown

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With workplaces beginning to reopen following the nation-wide lockdown and employees starting to return to work, it’s vital that this return is managed in a safe and secure way. Returning to work post-lockdown is by no means a return to ‘normal’ and the workplace will be unable to function as it did before the pandemic. 

However, this does not mean that returning to work needs to be a cause of concern for employers and employees getting back to work after the lockdown. Read the rest >>

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Effective ways to clean the microwave in your work kitchen

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Office kitchens, like any other communal space in the office have to be efficiently managed in order to be kept in a great condition for all employees to enjoy. This can be more challenging at times, especially when it comes to appliances.

Among other things, office etiquette requires each employer to wipe down the microwave after use to prevent dirt building up. But how many do actually do it?

With the amount of uses they get, microwaves can get smelly and dirty regularly. Read the rest >>

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How to Stop Germs from Spreading in Your Office

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The war against germs has been waging since they were first discovered. That can be anything from a few sniffles to really serious and life-threatening illnesses.

There are many different and simple ways to protect ourselves and to stop germs from spreading to others. Mainly, it boils down to cleanliness and a bit of conscious effort.

Germs are pathogens or microorganisms that come under various headings such as viruses, bacteria etc. Read the rest >>