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How Does Steam Cleaning Work?

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Commercial cleaning is a vital resource for ensuring that workplaces and other environments are safe, healthy, and simply a more enjoyable place to be in. Thanks to the various advances in technology and modern engineering, cleaning services (much like other sectors) are now more efficient and varied with their approach. 

One of the crucial services we implement here at Total Clean is commercial steam cleaning. But how does steam cleaning work? Read the rest >>

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A guide to returning to work after lockdown

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With workplaces beginning to reopen following the nation-wide lockdown and employees starting to return to work, it’s vital that this return is managed in a safe and secure way. Returning to work post-lockdown is by no means a return to ‘normal’ and the workplace will be unable to function as it did before the pandemic. 

However, this does not mean that returning to work needs to be a cause of concern for employers and employees getting back to work after the lockdown. Read the rest >>

New Survey Reveals The Cost of Cleaning in Hospitality Sector

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A new survey has revealed the cost of buying janitorial supplies in the hospitality sector for the first time.

The research – carried out by the ‘Professional’ label of Proctor & Gamble cleaning products – has revealed professional customers spend £124.45 each month on cleaning products, when preparing to clean hotel rooms, pubs and more.

Owners of B&B’s and Tea Rooms up and down the country are finding themselves in a tough situation when it comes to buying cleaning products;  buy cheap and buy twice as much  – or buy pricey and trust it to get the job done in one. Read the rest >>