Carpets the #1 Area Where Most People Need Help Cleaning

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Cleaning the carpets is the single most troubling part of household cleaning according to new research put together by our team here at Total Clean.

Collating the data from dozens of Google searches revealed that more people search for help with carpet cleaning online than any other household task.

Beating out such unenviable tasks as cleaning the bathroom tiles, unclogging drains and more, carpet cleaning is the one household task that leaves mane homeowners scratching their heads and turning to the internet for help.

Whilst cleaning windows and furniture are all catered for with special products, many households will likely lack the specialist shampoos and equipments required to get carpets looking back to their best.

Our staff here at Total Clean tackle hundreds of metres of carpet cleaning every day around the offices of London, and can certainly attest to the fact they need a lot of love after being walked all over all day.

Thankfully, our teams are kitted out with the latest carpet vacuums and carpet cleaners (including our franchise partners) as well as the expert know-how to bring even the most down-trodden carpet back to it’s best.

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