Bosch in Trouble Over Dishwasher Claims!

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A recent Bosch dishwasher advert has been taken off the TV because it implied their machine always used less water than washing up by hand.

A voiceover said:  ‘Did you know that washing up by hand uses up to three times more water than if you used a fully loaded Bosch dishwasher?’

The advert was not entirely accurate and Bosch was forced to stop the TV advert being shown in it’s current form.

The commercial did not make clear that in some cases washing up by hand could be more water-efficient than using a dishwasher, said the Advertising Standards Authority.

So it seems Bosch did not do their research properly, the research that was done, only used small samples and wasn’t enough to back up Bosch’s claims.

Watchdog said that in general, AAA-rated electric dishwashers used less water than washing up by hand, when the tap was left running.

But Bosch had not made this clear in the commercial and it’s implication was that it’s fully loaded dishwashers, always used less water than washing up manually.

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