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Clean your office after the Christmas Party: A simple guide

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It’s that time of the year again.

Hosting Christmas parties in the office is undoubtedly an American tradition, but things have changed in the last few years. More and more companies in the UK have started to host their festive parties at the office.

Celebrating Christmas with your colleagues is one of the most highly anticipated activities in the office calendar each year.

The drinks, food and seasonal activities are a great way for office workers to let their hair down and enjoy an evening away from their desks. Read the rest >>

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3 Reasons Why Natural Daylight is Important for Office Workers

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Natural Light

It’s often taken for granted, but these days natural daylight can easily be considered a “work perk”. There is no secret that natural daylight improves not only quality of life but workplace productivity too.

But, as we go into the darkest and shortest days of the year, most office workers will be affected more and more by the poor lighting. 

According to Healthline, over 1,600 employees ranked “access to natural light and views of the outdoors” as their number one desire for a workplace environment. Read the rest >>

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Mould In The Office: How to Remove and Avoid (An Expert Guide)

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There is a risk that indoor environments could develop mould in the colder seasons. Too much moisture in the air can make your home or workplace stuffy and smelly.

Condensation is the main cause of mould.

There’s nothing worse than living or working in an environment with humid walls and a stuffy smell.

Excessive damp is not only unpleasant but also a threat to health. People spending time in damp and mouldy environments are at an increased risk for numerous health problems such as respiratory conditions, asthma or even chest infections. Read the rest >>

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How To Prevent Flu: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

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Top cleaning tips to prevent flu in the workplace

In this effective guide you will find different ways to strengthen your immune system using your surroundings.

1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly

Starting with basic hygiene, washing your hands thoroughly is one of the most underrated, yet still most effective way to keep germs away. This method should be adopted by all office workers in order to avoid spreading germs in the workplace. Read the rest >>

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How to Remove Office Carpet Stains

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Offices are busy, fast-paced environments so naturally accidents happen. We are all guilty of ink stains, spilling coffee or even wine on a Happy Friday Celebration.

It is recommended that offices use professional cleaning companies for regular carpet maintenance to remove debris and allergens.

However, in the event of a carpet stain, anyone can attack it as soon as it happens to minimise the chances of a permanent stain.

Below are carpet stain removal solutions for the most common stain scenarios. Read the rest >>

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Deep clean in Autumn – 5 Reasons Why

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The hack to beating winter bugs.

A deep clean in Autumn can sound out of the ordinary, but it might just be the answer to avoiding that winter cold.

Busy offices, schools, houses or even hospitals accumulate many types of germs in the summer. Once your immune system weakens in the winter, you are more likely to get ill.

Giving your work or home space a deep clean (professional or do it yourself) in Autumn could have huge impacts on your health. Read the rest >>

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Cleaning Audit: 3 Ways to determine the effectiveness of your office cleaning company

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Choosing a commercial cleaning company for your office premises is a very important decision and must be given serious thought. A number of factors must be taken into consideration to ensure you keep your office cleaned to a high standard.

Office cleaning is a type of service that requires constant evaluation. The true value of an office cleaning company is not only in the quality of the cleaning service provided but also in the company’s reliability, trustworthiness and dedication to health and safety. Read the rest >>

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How to choose the right medical cleaning service

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From an NHS Hospital to a beauty or dental practice, cleaning regulations for medical facilities are very strict and special qualifications are required. Cleaning companies contracted to the medical sector are responsible for infection control and for providing a hygienically clean environment both for patients and medical staff. So it’s important to pick someone who knows what they’re doing and trust their experience and qualifications.

Infection Prevention

According to WebMD, hand washing is the most effective action taken in the prevention of spreading germs, but disinfecting hard surfaces and thorough cleaning of patient rooms, floors, waiting rooms, offices and bathrooms are just as important. Read the rest >>

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5 Steps to Clean and Organise Your Office

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Why should you organise your office?

An organised office is heavily linked to productivity and success at work.
A clean desk contributes to remembering important jobs and tasks for the day.
A clean office will keep employees happy and healthy in the workspace.
A messy work environment will make it more difficult to notice hazards, escalating the risk of accidents.
A clean desk policy requires office workers to clear and tidy their desks daily and it looks like more companies are adopting this policy. Read the rest >>

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Eco Friendly Cleaning – All Your Questions Answered

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What is Eco Green Cleaning?

Eco Green Cleaning services and products are the cleaning procedures which are classed as safe for the environment and do not emit any toxic fumes.

The original definition of green cleaning is using a plant based product which is easily biodegradable after joining waste streams. There are now many types of cleaning products which are labelled as green, all of which are better for the environment in some way. Read the rest >>