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Cleaning Your Workplace: Safeguarding Against Covid-19

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The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on the world. It has greatly affected the day to day lives of workers. The current climate has made it more important than ever to brush up on how we can protect ourselves in the workplace. We’re here to provide you with a handy guide on the dangers in the office and what we can do to help keep you safe.

Covid Hotspots in the Workplace

Some areas of the office will have a higher concentration of germs. Read the rest >>

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How to clean to remove Viruses and Bacteria

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Understanding the difference between bacteria or virus not only helps you to recover, but it also helps you to understand the cleaning process to kill both before they can contaminate further. 

We will break down the subtle difference between the two and give you tips on approaching your cleaning process and the products that will ensure your homes or office spaces are left clear of harmful bacteria and viruses. 


Bacteria is a free-living cell that can live on and off the body and doesn’t require a living host. Read the rest >>

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How to clean your carpet and how to tell when it needs a deep clean

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Whether in a huge office building or in your own home, the one thing they have in common is dirt. Carpets can look deceivingly clean when in actual fact, they are holding onto dirt, crumbs, grime and even carpet bugs. 

Knowing how to keep your carpet clean will help you to breathe a new lease of life into it and ensure that dirt isn’t building up. If, however, it is already too late, we will give you some hints as to what the signs are and when you should bring in the professionals.  Read the rest >>

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A classroom cleaning checklist

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With the country reopening and schools, colleges and universities all getting back into full swing, we want to help you make sure that the return is as painless as possible in these uncertain times. 

With the dwindling numbers of Coronavirus cases, we have taken a stance of prevention is better than cure and want to share that with you. We want to provide you with a selection of handy cleaning tips that will help keep your education centres squeaky clean and infection-free while easing the minds of both students and staff within your domain.  Read the rest >>