Coolest Offices in London

Top 5 Cool Offices in London

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The big smoke has thousands of offices and there is a handful that really stands out. Here is our pick of the 5 coolest offices in London.

There’s a growing trend in London to create an office space that is to die for, most of which cost a tidy sum. However, as we often see in our day to day operations as an Office Cleaning Company in London, those with a more realistic budget can create a cool office space. So we thought we’d share some of the coolest offices in London with you!

We’ve picked out 5 amazing offices in London below, but even if you’re budget is more Primark than Armani, you should be able to take some influence from these creative ideas…

5 of the Coolest Offices in London

Innocent Drinks – Fruit Towers

Outdoors, indoors. This open plan space just oozes freedom and there are Innocent Smoothies on tap. Innocent drinks are fully committed to running their office as sustainably as possible with superman Jasper in charge. Innocent drinks are super green and run their building on 100% biogas and 100% renewable energy which they can track, from a wind turbine in the Quantocks or a hydro plant in Wales, they keep a keen eye on their energy trail. Their courier service was also switched to ‘Green Couriers’, a super green company that use ultra-low emission hybrids and 100% electric vehicles. Innocent Drinks get the green thumbs up from us!

Office Innocent Drinks

Mind Candy (Moshi Monsters)

This gaming and social networking company for kids has built their office so children can have the best experience and can play in whatever room they like. However, it must work wonders for the staff’s imagination as the whole office decor, including a big staple red slide, feels like you are stepping into a kids gaming level. There is table tennis, a gumball machine, lots of board games, books, a plush velvet sofa and the floor is covered with highly durable and very very green astroturf. With each colourful wall showing the illustrative talents of the Mind Candy family, they also have a wall of monsters that staff and visitors are encouraged to colour in.

Moshi Monsters

The Macquarie Group

This banking Group in the east-end have championed the art of open-space. With a mix of modern and corporate styling, their innovative design spans over 6 floors with 217,500 square feet of whitewashed flooring and walls and splashes of colour bringing this massive building to life. The star of this building’s show goes to the impressive red staircase spiralling through the heart of the 6 floors.

Coolest Buildings In London


In 2017, Google put in plans to make a home in London. Starting in 2018, a ‘landscraper’ is going to be built with space for more than 4,000 employees, a long, elaborate 300-meter-long garden rooftop garden with a running track, a 25-meter three-lane swimming pool. It has been dubbed a landscraper for being as long as a skyscraper is tall and the list of office coolness goes on with massage rooms, a 210-seat auditorium for product launches and talks and, for the sporty sorts, a ‘multi-use games area’ for basketball, football and more. Currently, Google hosts their employees in multiple sites around London, but this 1Million pound project should get them sprinting to work every day.


Created by office outfitters Morgan Lovell, eBay’s London office boasts the same bold colours that are a staple of eBay’s brand. It is no secret you can find, sell, buy and bid almost anything on the site and you get the same feeling of discovery when stepping into eBay’s office. Employees can explore different spaces depending on what they need, from soundproof rooms to football-inspired meeting rooms, to standing desks to a snooker corner. These dynamic workspaces are scattered with real plants and greenery to boost the wellbeing of the employees and you will even find fish tanks in the walls of some meeting rooms! The red telephone boxes look awesome and so quintessentially British.

Coolest Buildings In London

Think we’ve missed one? Drop us a note with your favourite London Office.



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