A Cleaning Job Out Of This World

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Sometimes, cleaning can be a boring job, right? Office Cleaning and House Cleaning are not the most exciting job in this world, but what about cleaning in the void of Space? Well that sounds like a cleaning job out of this world (literally and metaphorically). Possibly one of the most exciting cleaning jobs ever.

Yesterday, two astronauts from the international space station have started a series of spacewalks to clean a massive joint that turns one of the power-generating solar-panel wings toward the sun. This joint is 10 foot wide and has been clogged with metal shavings from grinding parts for over a year, limiting how much power the solar wing can produce.

Astronauts Heide Stefanyshyn and Stephen Bowen have at their disposal a putty knife to scrape away the metal grit, wet wipes for cleaning and a grease gun to lubricate the joint.

“We have a little cleaning and greasing to do, to see if we can make it rotate smoother,” “We’re going to try to make it come back to life.” Said one of the astronauts.

Each spacewalk will be of approximately 6.5 hours that means 6 long hours of hard cleaning in the void of space none stop.

What was the longest, hardest or the most existing cleaning job you have ever faced?

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