A Clean Office Boosts Worker’s Productivity

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It has been proved many times over that a clean and well organised office helps boost your employee’s productivity. Maintaining a clean office should be left to a professional office cleaning company, but to get the office really clean the cleaners require access to the surfaces, this requires a clutter-free office which is not always easy, but there are a few things that can be done to maintain a clean, clutter free and organised workplace on a daily basis.

Here at Total Clean Office Cleaning Services, our professional office cleaners created a list of ideas for employees to maintain an efficient, clean and well organised office.

1 – Send all Unwanted Paper to the Recycle Bin

Once a week, organise a paper recycle day. First find or buy a big bin to dump all the unwanted paper and start the paper-hunting spree, get everybody to eliminate all the unwanted paper from their drawers, cabinets and files.

Nominate a person to go through the office’s main files and cabinets and get rid of all unnecessary or duplicate paper work. Collect newspapers, junk mail and outdated documents and send them to recycle bin.

You will be amazed how much paper can be accumulated in just one week.

2 – Incite all workers to keep their desks clean and well organised at all times, put files away at the end of the day, a well organised work place is a productive workplace. It also gives a good impression to clients or perspective clients.

3 – Organise a rubbish recycling system and encourage everyone to use it, put different bins for different types of re-cycling, e.g.: Plastic, Aluminium, Organic, etc. At the end of the week or at the end of each day, depending on the size of your office, have a rota or nominate one person to take the recyclable material to the local neighbourhood recycle centre.

4 – Ensure the offices and common areas have a Deep Clean at least once a year and that can be left to the professionals; carpet cleaning, washrooms, janitorial supplies and floor treatment services require specialist cleaning tools and chemicals, so employ a professional office cleaning company to manage and make sure cleaning is undertaken thoroughly, with knowledgeable, competent staff.

There are many office cleaning companies to choose from but not all offer rigorous quality control, health and safety, full training for their employees and operate an environmental policy so you know your company is doing all it can to reduce its carbon foot print.

Here at Total Clean Office Cleaning Services, we offer all of the above with the peace of mind that you are provided with the best office cleaning services in London and surrounding areas.

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