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Laundry, doing the washing, ironing – whatever you call it, it’s still one of the most common stumbling blocks in anyone’s cleaning routines.

8 Tips to Cleaner Clothes - Help with your laundry from totalclean.co.uk

8 Tips to Cleaner Clothes - Help with your laundry from totalclean.co.uk

In an age where washing machines contain more computing power than the Apollo 11 capsule, how is it I can put a load of clothes in and have my favourite jumped transformed into bobble-covered mess and my missus’ dresses come out two sizes smaller?

Well, if you’re anything like some of the Total Clean staffers, you’ll no doubt want to print out our Guide to Perfect Laundry and pin it up in the utility room, as we’re going explain how to make your whites that little bit whiter.

So your clothes smell of petrol after dry cleaning and that ketchup stain is nowhere near gone. If you’re laundry service isn’t satisfying your cleaning needs, it’s about time you changed it. Esther Lennaerts, Executive Chairperson ofPressto dry cleaning gives us all the dirt on a good laundry service.

· Always check your pockets! We’ve all done it – from tissues and receipts to phones and money, it only takes a moment to makes sure your pockets are clear before you turn the washer on.

· If you’re tackling a stain, always read the label of your garment and the detergent. Some cleaning agents can seriously damage more delicate fabrics.

· Going to the Dry Cleaners? Be wary of anything that isn’t Perchloroethylene – or ‘Perc’. As the standard solvent in the Dry Cleaning industry, it’s proven to be gentle on fabrics.

· Make sure you’re ironing or pressing your clothes correctly. Research has shown that ironing or pressing in the wrong places is one of the top causes of damage to clothes, due to the extreme heat used. Don’t be too proud to ask someone (or Google it!).

· Never store a garment with a stain because the stain will penetrate the fibre and become impossible to remove.

· If you spill a liquid (e.g. the dreaded red wine!) – always dab the stain (never rub) and always put a tissue underneath the wet spot, to prevent it soaking through to the next layer.

· Be wary of clear spills! Things like champagne, vodka and rum all have sugar in them, that will eventually turn brown if left unwashed.

· Before you store any of your garments, allow them to air for at least two hours to let the smells disperse – especially handy if you or your friends are smokers.

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