Wearing Gloves when Office Cleaning

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Professional Cleaning workers should wear protective hand gear when performing their duties. Injuries to hands are the second most common work-related injury and the proper wearing of gloves can help reduce these injuries. If the office cleaner works without gloves then they can be exposed to a variety of dangers:

lacerations to the skin (cuts, scratches, gashes, etc.)

Chemicals contacting or seeping through the skin

Abrasions (serious cuts that can get infected)

Exposure to hot surfaces that can burn the skin

It also needs to be taken into account that there are different gloves for different hazards. The following suggestions can be effective in choosing a correct and suitable glove.

Have an astute distributor evaluate the work being performed and recommend gloves best suited for those tasks.

Select gloves from a manufacturer that focuses on workplace safety products; “for some manufacturers, safety products are just a ‘side item.’ Select a manufacturer that is serious about worker safety products.”

Form a committee to evaluate gloves from two or more manufacturers.

Have workers wear selected gloves on the job and complete a survey about them; “do not ask questions that can be answered with a yes or no. Ask them specifically what they liked or did not like about the gloves.”

With gloves selected, evaluate them once again after three to six months of use; “the goal here is to see how well they are working and holding up.”

Without proper personal protective equipment, office cleaners may inadvertently be exposing themselves to dangers in the environment they work in.

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