Office Cleaning with Backpack Vacuums

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Almost 30 years ago ProTeam introduced the first backpack vacuum giving the office cleaner more comfort and versatility. Their innovation made an impact in the cleaning industry and proving to be cost effective by reducing vacuuming time, reducing dusting and improving the overall health of the office environment.

ProTeam backpack vacuums are lightweight with an ergonomic harness design that is the same quality as a mountaineering backpack. The backpack, when fitted correctly encourages the spine to be straight by forcing the user to bend at the knees avoiding injury.

The benefits of the backpack vacuum does not stop at the office floor. ProTeam backpacks come with an accessory belt full of essential attachments and all within easy reach to provide detailed cleans to window sills, shelving, blinds and ceiling tiles.The extension wand is excellent for reaching high ceiling fans, air return vents, and ducts.

The backpack vacuum is cost effective when it comes to office cleaning and an essential aid in daily cleaning tasks.

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