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5 Top Tips to Keep your Office Windows Clean

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If your office windows are in need of a good clean and the contract cleaners are not scheduled in for a few days then here are 5 top tips to keep your office windows clean.

Here are our the quickest and most effective methods

  1. Don’t clean your windows on sunny days

Before cleaning your office windows check your phone weather app. Beautiful sunny days are lovely but aren’t the best days to clean your windows as the direct sunlight will dry your windows too fast and will leave streaks due to the cleaning products drying too quickly.

  1. Clean your window sills before you clean the glass

If you clean your window sills first then this will prevent smearing dirt all over your windows? If you give the sills a dust with a dustpan or broom at first then you can finish up by giving the window sills and frames a quick wipe over.

  1. “My window sills get dirty so quickly”

Window sills will collect a lot of dirt as they are exposed to the outside elements, they are subject to collecting a lot of dirt. A simple way to keep your sills clean is to wipe on a coat of clear floor wax to protect the sills but remember to use warm soapy water first.

  1. Good Squeegee technique

Having a good squeegee technique will ensure you give your windows a streak-free clean. Bad squeegeeing can leave streaks on your windows. For best results start in the top corner, moving across and down the windows in a reverse-S pattern (left to right, right to left, left to right). As you move down the window, stop and wipe the squeegee blade — that way you won’t spread dirt around the window. If you want to get the best results, spray on a little bit of window cleaner and squeegee the windows a second time.

  1. Buff your windows using newspaper

You may have heard of the old newspaper trick for windows. Well, according to the experts you’ll get a streak-free and shiny window by buffing with a wad of old newspaper. Apparently, the paper and ink will help your windows sparkle. Just fold the newspaper in half to make a solid wad and wipe down your window in a consistent vertical or horizontal direction.

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