Can Foaming Hand Soap Save Money?

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The use of hand soap has increased over the last few years due to the public being made more aware that effective hand cleaning can combat the spread of infection. However Companies providing hand soap to their employees have had to look at their budgets as soap is one of the largest consumable line item in a company budget.

Kutol Products Company has offered a free Restroom Budget Control E-Guide:How Foaming Hand Soap Saves Product Costs. The E-Guide includes a number of comparisons between the traditional liquid hand soap and foam hand soap. This comparisons include usage per hand wash, cost per hand wash and how many hand washes a 1000 ml refill will provide.

Director of Marketing for Kutol Products Company pointed out that “In an effort to control costs, it is easy to make a simple switch in hand soap and realize significant savings however many facility managers are not aware how this simple change can benefit their bottom end.”

He went on to say:

“This E-Guide clearly highlights the product use and cost differences between liquid hand soap and foam hand soap, no matter what brand is being used.”

The E-Guide also provides a detailed break-down of savings when considering various building capacities and user traffic.

The Restroom Budget Control E-Guide: How Foaming Hand Soap Saves Product Costs is available as a free download here.

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