13 Essential Hacks to Keep Your Office Clean & Tidy

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Everyone knows the benefits of a clean and tidy office; improved concentration, less sick days, better morale etc. but – unless you have a cleaning company on hand – it can be hard to stay on top of. With more and more people working from home, in small teams or hot-desking, here’s 13 ways to keep your desk tidy and your office clean.

Sticky Tape Keyboard Cleaner

Office Cleaning Life Hacks - Sticky Tape Keyboard Cleaner

Long maligned as the home of lost lunchtime breadcrumbs and unspeakable amounts of rogue eyelashes, cleaning your keyboard can help fight allergies. Use a piece of Sellotape folded back on itself to run in-between keys and attract crumbs and more from between the keys.

Or, Use a Post-it note

If sticky notes are closer to hand, they’ll also do your keyboard a favour! This is especially effective on Laptops, where you can angle the post-it underneath the raised keys.

Pushpin Phone mount

Office Cleaning Life Hacks - PushPin Phone Holder

If you’re forever missing calls because your phone’s tidied away in a drawer, use pushpins to create a space-saving mount on your wall! It also keeps the wires from your charger in check, and is great for watching a quick Youtube video on your lunchbreak!

Push Pin Wire tidy…

Office Cleaning Life Hacks - PushPin wire tidy

Keep your desk clean by taking the wires from your computer, phone and more with pushpins. Pushing them into a cubicle wall means everything stays nicely in line, and easily traceable if you need to replace or remove a piece of equipment.

… Same with Bulldog clips!

Office Cleaning Life Hacks - Binder Clip Wire Tidy

Alternatively, for wires you need easy access to (like phone or USB chargers) bulldog/binder clips are the perfect way to attach them to the end of a desk or drawer and cut down on clutter.

Tissue Box Recycling Bin

If the winter flu or summer hayfever has you burning through tissues like no-one’s business, a finished off a box makes a great home for recyclable crisp packets and snack wrappers – best of all, the whole lot can just go straight in the recycling bin when it’s full!

Blitz the Office Microwave

Office Cleaning Life Hacks - Water Bowl MIcrowave Cleaner

If the office microwave is looking a bit grim, microwave a bowl of water for 2-3 minutes before you take a scourer to it – the hot water will loosen all but the toughest stains on the inside.

Binder Clip = Mildew-Free Sponge

 Office Cleaning Life Hacks - Binder Clip Sponge Stand

Keep the office sponge in fine fettle by adding a clip to one end. By using this as a stand, you’ll help keep the sponge in the office kitchen dry and free from mildew.

Magnet Swiffer under Filing Cabinets

Office Cleaning Life Hacks - Swiffer Floor Magnet

If there’s one thing that seems to get in more places than anything else in an office, it’s paperclips. And if there’s another, it’s staples. Before you break out the vacuum, use a self-adhesive magnet and a Swiffer to pick up all the metal stationary that’s undoubtedly found it’s way under the desks and filing cabinets of your office.

Dustpan Bucket Funnel

Using a dustpan as a funnel to fill a bucket

If you need to break out the mop, try this handy tip from Reddit – fill your bucket without having to hover it over the sink with a dustpan.

Tension Rod For More Space

If you have a set of shelves or a cubicle, use a spring-loaded or twist tension rod to hang light knick-knacks that you don’t want on your desk or on the floor.

Never Underestimate Magnets 

Office Cleaning Hacks - Magnet Space Creator

If you’ve run out of drawer space but need your supplies at hand, employ a magnet or two around your desk to give your implements a new, handy home.

Coffee Filter Screen Cleaner

Using a Coffee Filter to clean computer screens

If you want your monitor, projector lens or laptop to have a dust and smear-free finish, try using a coffee filter as an impromptu cloth. The porous design lends itself to perfectly clear glass and screens.

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